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  1. How To: Oil and Filter Change
  2. How To: ETB Grounding
  3. How To: Install Xtec HID kit
  4. Changing Tires Yourself
  5. How To: LED Mirrors
  6. How To: Cabin Air Filter
  7. How To: Keyless Sunroof
  8. How To: LED 3rd Brake Light
  9. How To: Painted Calipers
  10. How To: Install Mazda3 Factory Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner
  11. How To: Install an AEM Intake
  12. How To: Change Brake Pads
  13. How To: Prolumen HID Install With Relay Harness
  14. How To: Change Fog Lights
  15. How To: Shark Fin Antenna
  16. How To: iPod Audio Link
  17. How To Guides & Reference
  18. How To: Disable DRL If You Have HIDs
  20. How To: Wetsand & Polish
  21. How To: Get A Mirror Finish
  22. How To: Paint Stock Rims
  23. How To: Install Auto-Dimming Mirror
  24. How To: intermittent wiper install
  25. How To:Install CX-7 Stubby antenna
  26. How To: CarPC (generic)
  27. How to Cruise control
  28. How To Aim Your Headlights
  29. How To: Make your own Angel Eyes
  30. How to change color of your LCD
  31. Install Guides
  32. How to replace No. 1 Engine Mount
  33. How to: have tmz3.ca sticker and logo on lic plate cover
  34. How to: Repair a scratched bumper
  35. How To: Install Angel Eyes (TM3 edition)
  36. How To: Install a Mac Mini in Your Mazda3
  37. Is there a mazda online parts fiche?
  38. Free Online Service Manuals! (All makes & models)
  39. All new highbeams as DRL mod
  40. How To: Enable Fog lights as DRL
  41. amp and sub to stock deck
  42. how to hook up amp and sub to factory deck?
  43. How To: Check/Change your Spark Plugs
  44. Any how to's for the MS shortshifter?
  45. Any how tos for blacking out emblems?
  46. How To: 2004-2009 Shock Sensor Upgrade
  47. How to access car's fuel trip computer for 06+
  48. HOW TO: Refinish Your Headlights.
  49. How to put a canoe on your 3 hatch
  50. How to remove your rear bumper to install smoked reflectors
  51. how to put a Mac Mini Carputer in your mazda 3
  52. relocating front license plate
  53. How to: Use the Mazda paint pen (pics)
  54. How To: 3GFX Reflector Blackout
  55. Replacing a Faulty Car Fuse
  56. How To: Fixing Dome (festoon) LED (with pictures!)
  57. How To install Cold Air Intake System? help needed...
  58. DIY How-to: Oil Catch Can
  59. Compressing Rear caliper pistons
  60. MS3 rear valence on '08.5 Mazda3 install
  61. How to use nite-shade......
  62. Installing Fujita F5
  63. Turn off A/C - while defrost is on
  64. Hella Horn Installation Guide
  65. How-To: LED "Eyebrows" or fogs
  66. How to install an Apexi Auto Timer w/ O2 AF on an MS3
  67. Need Help. How do I take off Trims
  68. What's the best way to paint plastic panels?
  69. How To: OEM Footwell Lights
  70. AllPro OBDII adapter, cut edition
  71. How do i remove the mazda symbol from centre caps???
  72. How to: Dial Control Lights
  73. Problems installing heated blue side mirrors
  74. How to keep your stock DRL's with aftermarket HID's
  75. BK Cabin Filter details
  76. Any how tos on how to apply lamin-x?
  77. Ho to repair key scratches on door
  78. Shoe Rack
  79. How to - Speedline Cross Floor Brace
  80. How-to: 2004-2009 European-spec oil cooler
  81. Disableing DRLS or making fogs as DRLS
  82. How-To: Properly weather seal your aftermarket hid fog kits
  83. Trip Help needed
  84. Best way to get off the sticky emblem tape
  85. How To Install Fog Lights With Switch
  86. oil pressure gauge?
  87. Shading headlights black light
  88. How To: Make ur foot wells glow
  89. Best way to redo emblems?
  90. INSTALL: Simota Carbon Charger for a 2010 Mazda 3 (2.5L engine)
  91. Mazda 3 n/a guide - beta edition
  92. How to install HIDs on 04-06 Mazda 3
  93. *custom SRI build/install*
  94. Anyone have DIY for rear bumper removal 2010 sport?
  95. Best way to do this
  96. Removing Exterior Door Handles?
  97. Help Installing exhaust
  98. X-Pel film for fog lights
  99. How to obtain fastest acceleration?
  100. HID installation for Mazda 6?
  101. Breakdown of front bumper of the Mazda 3 2010
  102. How To: Fiberglass lip repair
  103. DIY Defi style gauge pod for Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3 Gen 1
  104. I want to paint calipers - suggestion/tips!
  105. How To: DIY Front Emblem Mod
  106. Removing and Re-using (?) Plastic Pushpin Fasteners
  107. anyone have pdf skillz?
  109. Wonder how to keep stock clock display with aftermarket radio and dash kit
  110. Aluminum Mazda 3 Pedals DIY
  111. How to post you tube vids?
  112. changing the cabin air filter in a 2010 Mazda3
  113. Anyone have a DIY to run ipod cord from deck to glovebox?
  114. Any Starter Motor replacement DIY
  115. DIY: Mazda 3 (2.3 GT) Turbine/Input Speed Sensor Replacement
  116. How to replace the bulbs in the HVAC unit
  117. any RMM install?
  118. How-To (07+): Aftermarket HID Time Delay On and Off
  119. How to change the cluster from red to blue?
  120. Converting 2pc BBS rims to 3pc
  121. How-To: Install LED 3rd Brake Light
  122. How to remove 2011 tail lights to apply nite-shade...
  123. NEED to know how to remove door panels on the 2012's
  124. How to: Change your spark plugs
  125. Plasti-Dip on how to?
  126. How to install a new deck in an '05 Mazda 3?
  127. How to install angel eyes in a '05 Mazda 3
  128. How do I remove the plastic cover from the A/T shift box ('07)
  129. Oxidized Cloudy Headlights with a Headlight Cleaner
  130. Touch up Scratches on Your Car
  131. 2010 mazda 3 horn upgrade
  132. Mud Guard Installation
  133. $0 AUX Input
  134. How To: Chargespeed Lip on Gen2 Speed3
  135. Factory Service Manual for Gen 1 Mazda 3
  136. Step by step guide for replacing springs
  137. Eric The Car Guy
  138. HOW TO: run gauge diagnostics ( gen 1)
  139. How To: MS3 Front Emblem Removal (07-09)
  140. IPad Install into Dash
  141. How to change the welcome message on 2nd gen mazda 3s
  142. Need Help! How to Wire my Eonon Deck with my Two Amps...
  143. How To: Replace Purge Solenoid Valve (Gen1)
  144. Roof Rack - Hole Specification
  145. How do i remove the back bumper on a 2011 mazda 3 hatchback?
  146. How to: Ultraguage Install
  147. Service Manuals for Gen 1 & 2
  148. How to: Hella Horn Installation behind front grill?
  149. GV Grill Install
  150. Need a DIY guide to remove rear deck and door panel
  151. How To: Disassemble HVAC / Automatic Climate Console (Gen 1)
  152. Mazda Service Publication
  153. HOW To: Install reverse parking sensors without drilling or removing bumper
  154. How To: Refinish your Steelies for winter - without removing tire
  155. List of DIY threads on MazdaForums: Great resource for any DIY'ers
  156. How to use the 5 speed automatic transmission for newbies.
  157. How to connect DRL in 2004 mazda 3 to fog lights
  158. Eonon GM5151 - Mazda 3 2005 model
  159. How-to: Upgrade 2004-2009 Mazda 3 windshield washer nozzles to wide fan spray nozzles
  160. Reference: 07-09 GT hatch mid-panel bulbs & access
  161. How-To: Replace primary O2 sensor on Gen 1 MS3
  163. MazdaEdit Discussion
  164. 2014 Mazda 3 Bumper Removal
  165. 2010-2013 Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush Highlights
  166. How-to: "Eagle-eye" individual LEDs as DRLs
  167. how to sand clear coat with best results
  168. Mazda 3 GS front end mod
  169. How to - remove floor carpet (front and back)
  170. Seized Trunk Cylinder Lock
  171. How-To: Remove EGR pipe
  172. 2010 Mazda 3 sport rear bumper removal
  173. 2.3/2.0 Questions
  174. Microtandme Youtube Channel DIY HOW-TO
  175. Sirrus XM
  176. Add switched 12vdc auxillary to Mazda3 for Camera and Tech Devices
  177. HOW TO: Solid Shifter Bushing Install
  178. How to: Firewall access for 4ga wire
  179. 2014 Mazda3 GT, does the bumper need to come off?
  180. How to drain and fill transmission fluid and change transmission strainer on Mazda 3
  181. 2014+ Mazda 3 Bi-Xenon Retrofit DIY guide.
  182. [2014-2016 BM] How-to: Reaim your headlights to European spec