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11-09-2005, 02:15 AM
Hi this is my first post as I am new to the site. I have found a lot of useful information already through reading many posts so a big thanks to all you who post frequently. I am new to Mazda as I make my way over from hanging around with the Mitsubishi guys for the last few years so I look forward to meeting all of you who take part in the cusises and such. I am in etobicoke and picked up my 05 3 gt from Airport Mazda. I am a noise nut and have a two fold problem. First, has anyone else experienced noise coming from the front wheel well area while driving, I believe it is a issue with the rotors and they machined them already but the problem came back. This noise is most pronounced while cruising or coasting rather under any given speed and seems to to an intermittent problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Secondly has anyone come up with a way to get rid of some of the road noise. Oh ya and does anyone else hear a rattling plastic noise coming from the rear seat area when they hit bumps.....bugs the hell out of me. Thanks in advance

11-09-2005, 06:01 PM
welcome to the board sjc.. and I hope u\'r enjoying ur 3..

chirping noises.. as in squealing noises?? if yes, then everybody has that.. usually it happens with me when I\'m reversing.. does the noise go away after driving ur car around a bit?? does it only happen in the morning?? if yes, then just do a search for something like \"squeaking brakes\" or something like that.. there are a few threads already about this.. if I find one later I\'ll post it up for you.. my squeaking noise has fortunately gone away.. well, I guess the real test would be to see if I still hear it in the winter time..

squeaking brakes: http://torontomazda3.com/forum/read.php?TID=3673

road noise?? can u be more specific?? there\'s always going to be road noise on every car.. I guess just turn on ur radio.. but if it\'s some sort of different sound then you better explain more..

the rattling noise could be coming from something loose in your trunk area or something that isn\'t positioned properly.. say the lug wrench used to take the nuts off the tires.. something like that.. I say take a few minutes and look around the back area and see if anything is loose.. if not then maybe you could ask mazda.. I haven\'t heard any noise before.. except when I had my seats folded down and the seatbelt was banging up against the wall..

11-09-2005, 11:58 PM
Originally posted by sjc_416

Secondly has anyone come up with a way to get rid of some of the road noise. Thanks in advance

I\'ve done some research and the best I was able to come up with is This (http://torontomazda3.com/forum/read.php?TID=2553). Sabio mentioned a rubberized coating from canadian tire which may do the trick. I haven\'t had the oppurtunity to look further into it, but I do have an idea of what he\'s talking about.

hope that helps.


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