View Full Version : New OEM rear brakes

06-28-2005, 05:29 PM
Just to let you guys know (esp the 2004 owners), the new rear brakes are much better than the 04 ones. They produce nearly no brake dust (~ same amount as the front) and did not make any grooves on the rotors.

I\'ve mine replaced under warranty (see here (http://torontomazda3.com/forum/read.php?TID=2540&page=2)) about 1,000km ago. So far no grooves on my rear rotors. I remember the old rotors already have grooves on them when I picked up the car... at 31km. I washed my car + rims 5 days ago and so far my rear rims are still very clean - they\'re as clean as the front ones.

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