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Thread: TM3 Times #4 - December 2007

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    Default TM3 Times #4 - December 2007

    TM3 Times – December 2007

    Thanks to all those for reading our first 3 issues of the TM3 Times. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome (send to Me (Broli) by PM please). This month we add a new feature, Thoughts from the Pulpit, an editorial written by Cardinal Fang. This should be a good read for us all.

    My apologies for the lateness of this issue, I will try not to let it happen again. (on the bright side we can review the holiday dinner)

    Last Month in TM3

    November really signifies the end of the season. Winter modes and winter rides make their ugly first appearances and the snow begins to fall. Just because the season is over, doesn’t mean the fun stops. As is the case every November, Importfest kicks off the winter season (see a below for write up).

    The meets are still running regularly, with MASIV Mondays, La Paloma Wednesdays and a new Markham meet running consistently. This is good news, and shows that we are not willing to let winter stop us.

    The food drive is now completed, delivery off food and cash will occur next week, you can look forward to a full review in the next issue of the Times.

    November 2007 Events

    Importfest 2007

    Importfest, while surprisingly small, made for a good way to spend an afternoon. It was clear that the ricers would make a good (or bad?) showing, it was nice to see some familiar faces. Peter's (SSG) posse was in the show, and what a clean group of cars his crew had! John (midnightfxgt) was also there, showing off his boosted hatch. The show had everything that you have come to expect from the scene. The things we love and the things we hate: nicely, and not so nicely modded cars, loud music (too loud for my tastes), and all the models you could handle. It was a great show, although not worth the ticket price. That’s ok, the cheap subscriptions to PASMAG made up for that! Well, that . . . and the bikini clad models walking about.

    Hopefully next year we will see more mazda3s in the event. Maybe we can save the show from taking a turn for the worse!

    (picture by Xerox)
    click for more pictures

    - Adam (Dentinger)
    2nd Annual Holiday Dinner

    Oh, the weather outside was marginally frightful, we had no fires (thankfully) but the food and company were delightful. That’s Right! The Holiday Dinner was in full swing on Sunday December 9th 2007. Vinnie Zucchini’s at Steeles and Dufferin was the setting for our second annual holiday dinner. Buffets seem to be the theme every year and this year was no different. We arrived early but no one wanted to stay in the cold so we quickly moved the ‘party’ indoors. Vince (whitespeed3) was boasting that he could eat 20 plates . . . I guess he forgot that pasta was filling, and he ended with a meager total of plates (which could still be the most of everyone). Finally after waiting an hour or so, we filled the table and all began to eat (some people were not able to wait it out). As is usually the case Jeff (TheBiz) left before we took the group picture. I was heartened to see that almost everyone remembered to bring food for our holiday food drive, or make a cash donation. After dinner many went home and many went to Tmmies at Keele and Steeles. It was a successful dinner and we had a good time. Next year will be a new location because we like to switch things up.

    Thanks to all those who came, to those that didn’t make it, this is a must attend event for next season!

    Pictures will be added soon

    - Alex (Broli)
    November 2007 Meets Recap

    Meets are still running strong. A little cold, snow and sleet is not enough to back down the devotion of the average TM3er (well at least not yet! lol)

    MASIV Monday have been strong, we even had the focus club join us once again, something that hasn’t happened since the start of the season. The Boston Pizza has opened up at Dixie and Aimco Tims, and we used To-Mas’ (Hypothrml) Bday as an excuse to try the place out. The waiter was a touch on the retarded side but we all had a good time, and even Adam (Bubba) made it in from the far far west. La Paloma Meets are still running strong, every week the regulars make it out each and every week. Markham meets are new and exciting, I have yet to attend one but I look forward to it.
    Thoughts from the Pulpit

    The opinions expressed are those of a fictitious online character named Cardinal Fang and not necessarily those of the Any resemblance between Cardinal Fang and a person with an original thought and intelligence is purely coincidental.
    Offer is Void in Quebec…

    It is better to be thought a moron and remain silent than to hit the “Send” button and reveal this fact to the discussion board.”

    My dad once told me this, or words to that effect without the subtle inference to the Internet. My dad still doesn’t understand the Internet. Come to think of it, neither do I. But that’s not a bad thing because it’s what makes the Internet so damned funny. Well that and the midget porn. But I digress….

    Normally I don’t take delight in the misfortune of others unless it is the product of a great sense of irony. And this month we have a winner in jdanielsg. As Stewie would say, “oh it’s so good it’s fattening.” As I’m sure many people know by now, jdanielsg managed to damage his car after driving in the middle of our first heavy snowfall with “EXTREME ALL SEASON SNOW TIRES.” It appears that our intrepid little asshat lost control of his vehicle while making a lane change and hit the guardrail inflecting about $1000.00 dollars with of damage to his car.

    After the shock had worn off and rational thought entered that space occupied by some substance between his ears, he carefully constructed a post on the Mazda3Forum to rant about how bad his tires were. Then he hit the “send” button and took complete and utter ownership of the moron title. Word to the newbie’s out there when you post a rant about how bad tires are in the snow be sure to never admit you were driving too fast for the weather conditions. And finally when you realize that almost everyone thinks you’re an idiot of the worst kind never ever identify yourself as a bigot.

    “I am sooooo sooo sick of it.. but i see it only happens mostly with people from Toronto, Ottawa and the odd asian from god knows where.........people can call me racist of whatever but I fully understand how the culture works and see the trend that follows people from a distinct area..i.e toronto....or say ottawa....”
    Don’t compound it further by justifying it as a critique.

    I can be make comments about my own race all i want.. its called self reflection or reflectin upon the pdd behavior inherent to my community dunt like it too bad.”

    And don’t get me started on the ebonics passing for grammar as a way of portraying to us that he is above the race he is claiming is ignorant. Seriously, the word is hypocrisy and I looked it up to make sure I used it in the right context here. I’d like to say I feel sorry for jdanielsg but I don’t. When you start to threaten people behind anonymous handles on the Internet to come and meet you, you’ve officially lost touch with the world and need to get a real life. That or move out of your mom’s basement.

    So remember you newbie’s out there. Before you think you’re ready to hit that send button ask yourself this question. Is this something jdanielsg would do? If your answer is yes its time to step back and return to surfing for porn. As a postscript he’s now parting out his car because he’s going to be selling it in order to purchase a Lexus. I’ve already got my handle picked out on the Lexus Car Club board to read the next chapter of “How to become a Moron and Not know it.”

    “My Take on the Leafs Season thus far”

    Well to discuss the implications of this topic and to consider the moral problems raised by John Ferguson Jr. and Paul Maurice we have a duck, a cat and a lizard. Now first of all I'd like to put this question to you please, lizard. How effective do you consider the neutral zone trap employed by the Maple Leafs, nowadays?

    *(shot of lizard; silence)*

    Well while you're thinking about that, I'd like to bring the duck in here, and ask her, if possible, to clarify the whole question of the goal tending position, and why my 76 year old mother couldn’t do a better job if given the opportunity?

    *(shot of duck; silence)*

    Perhaps the cat would rather answer that?

    *(shot of cat; silence)*

    No? Lizard?

    *(shot of lizard again and then back)*

    Ok then. This illustrates my point exactly.
    December 2007 Preview

    The Holiday Dinner has come and past. We will have a meet to deliver the food drive donations in mid December, keep your eyes on the meets section.
    Holiday Season Safety

    Drinking and driving is never a smart decision. Being as this is the holiday season there is increased risk. Everyone has a million parties to attend. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in control of your actions. Do not drink and drive, if you will be drinking make sure there is a Designted Driver or that you have have a way to get home that doesn't involve driving. As well, Pay attention on the roads, just because you are responsible doesn't mean everyone will be. Keep your eyes peeled and ur sense keen.
    Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone!

    - Alex (Broli)
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