Hi all and welcome to this month's edition of the TM3 Times. It is I, your reporter Angela signing in for her monthly duty. For a month I thought was going to be slow, it was anything but that! It's been so productive that I'm going to need two posts to bring you the Times this month!

Again we have Cardinal Fang contributing with his very own "Thoughts From The Pulpit"

And Krakor (who I got the opportunity to meet at the Oakville meet-awesome guy) with his Family Guy quote of the Month.

First up: Audio Heaven Meet

Audio Heaven Winter Meet- Sunday, February 8, 2009

A sunny, but blistery Sunday afternoon welcomed our Toronto Mazda 3 members to Audio Heaven’s small shop in Richmond Hill, ON. Jeff once again supported our club by welcoming us all into his new shop and showing us his wonderful merchandise at very reasonable prices.

Most of us were welcomed into the shop by Jeff’s lovely little daughter Stacie and were given an Audio Heaven decal to put on our cars. Some people were also invited into the back of the shop to see the current progress on a couple of cars he was currently installing some of his products into. Many of our members crowded around the various display cases and tables set up in the showroom and peered into remote car starters, car alarms, audio decks and amplification devices all for sale and installation by Jeff. Some of our members even made purchases which will not only benefit their cars; it will benefit one of TM3’s great sponsors!

Jeff even put on a demonstration using his father’s 2006 Mazda3 Sport. One of the products he currently had in stock was a “plug and play” subwoofer which plugs into the stock audio system of the Mazda3 and works just as well as any wired subwoofer. I was inside the shop at the back during the time of the demonstration and even I could hear the thing pound! It impressed many of our members with its clear and impressive sound!

We also had a few visitors come by from Toronto Mazda 5 and Toronto Mazda 6. They came to join in the festivities and show off their cars! We had several Speed6’s as well as a very nicely done up Mazda5 come. I need to say; from someone who does not like Mazda5s that car sure did shine!

Special thanks also to Jeff and TM3 for sponsoring a pizza lunch for the group. Not only did it give our members more incentive to come out but it shows that our club is willing to go the extra mile to support our sponsors and the products they are selling. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all had a fantastic time and feel very welcomed by Jeff.

Audio Heaven is located at 55 West Beaver Creek Unit 43, in Richmond Hill ON. For all of our members who did not attend the day’s events please pop in and see Jeff for all of your audio, tinting and car electronic needs! The prices are reasonable and the people are awesome. It is his own personal shop so there are no big-name markups or no sales pressure! Plus his prices are very reasonable and he’s such a nice guy. What’s not to lose? It’s worth the drive!

Pictures contributed by –RJ3- and MistaChin

We also had a significant meet in Oakville this month with the showing of the 2010 Mazda 3s!

Oakville Meet- Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A change of day and a change of venue brought our west-end members out to Williams Coffee Pub in Oakville at Trafalgar and Dundas St. A bigger turnout than usual meant that there must have been a significant reason for our members to bear the pouring rain and get soaking wet (Unless you were Iceman_F1 with his golf umbrella ). And that reason was:

Two 2010 Mazda 3’s! Brought out by Jason and Andrew of Oakville Mazda!

As we stood out in the rain we could not help but bask in the new features the Mazda3 boasts. We were lucky enough to have a GT manual sedan and a GT-E automatic hatch come out and the features on them were very impressive! Particularly on the GT-E was in-dash navigation, keyless entry, start and lock (button to lock the car is within the right tail light!) and since Oakville Mazda likes to spoil us they put Enkei rims on it to top it all off!

We then decided that getting wet and cold was overrated so we ran inside to Williams to talk, drink, eat and do other things:

Aren’t you sad you missed this?!?!

And this too???:

We also got to take a test drive in the manual GT sedan which was a very awesome ride. The driver (1flycdnM3) stated that the 2010 Mazda3 responds amazingly well as a stock vehicle and he said his 2005 only started responding similarly after modifications were done. As much as we may hate the exterior design of the 2010 3 this little car performs so very well! We were a very lucky bunch in Oakville that night!

Special thanks to Jason Guttman, President of Oakville Mazda, for bringing out his 2010 Mazda 3s and giving us all free tickets to the 2009 Autoshow. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to meet us all and spend a few hours with us. Jason was a very personable man and he was extremely nice. Being into his dealership as well, the entire staff at Oakville are ready to help you with any of your needs. If you’re in the area go visit them at 1291 Speers Rd. in Oakville ON and say hi to Andrew in Parts, Graham on the floor and the lovely Tiffany at Reception. You may be lucky enough to meet Jason too if he is there! Plus they support our TM3 discount too!

Thanks again Oakville Mazda!

Pictures contributed by Iceman_F1 and –RJ3-
Times to be continued...