Welcome to TorontoMazda3.ca. As an Affiliate Dealership on the board you have the right to promote your products and/services in exchange for a discount you offer to our members. Affiliate Dealership status is only offered to licensed Mazda Dealerships and not private pre-owned car dealerships. In return for the Dealership’s presence and advertising on the board the dealership will be required to abide by the Rules and Code of Ethics listed below.

  1. Each Affiliate Dealership will be given their own Forum Section on our board to deliver information to our members on their products and/or services. Affiliates will have the right to post, edit and delete threads at their discretion. It is the responsibility of each Affiliate to maintain the accuracy of their information and to care for their areas of the forums accordingly.
  2. Affiliates may not delete posts put to them by members that calls into question the authenticity, price or quality of their products. We encourage Affiliates to answer questions put to them by the members. It is incumbent on the Affiliate to prove to the members the value of their products/services. If a member persists and becomes an annoyance by following the affiliate around from one thread to anther, the post may be “soft deleted” only and we ask that the Affiliate report the post to the moderators with an explanation.
  3. Each Affiliate must offer the discounts noted in their section of the Forum to our members or offer a reason as to why it cannot be accomplished.
  4. Affiliates will give to TorontoMazda3.ca the name/handle and contact information of the individual(s) who will represent them on our board. If an affiliate has other individuals from their dealership registered on our board to respond to comments they must must have those individuals listed in the contact information. No more than 3 handles will be permitted per affiliate.
  5. We request that Affiliates advertise their products or promotions in their section of the Forum. We will allow Affiliates to answer questions about Mazda items in other sections of the Forum provided that they restrict their responses to the question being asked. What we do not want to have is a member requesting information about a product/service and then having them inundated with posts from affiliates consisting of sales pitches such as "give me a call we can work something out." We would like those types of situations confined to the affiliates own forum. We recommend that affiliates allow the members themselves to recommend dealerships for sales/products/services.
  6. Canvassing of potential car buyers through our Private Message (PM) system is prohibited unless invited to do so by a member. Advertising of products and services through the PM system is also prohibited unless invited to do so by a member.
  7. Affiliates will refrain from commenting on another Affiliates products or services whether inside or outside of their forum.
  8. Affiliates have the right to price their products and services as they see fit. TorontoMazda3 cannot and will not dictate to Affiliate what their products and/or services should be valued at. We therefore assume that the Affiliates will offer “value” to our members and will not deliberately use their opportunity here to price gouge our members.
  9. Affiliates will not “flame” or “bash” each other’s products or services. We prefer that each Affiliate present their products/services on it’s own merits. Let the membership decide which product/service is better in their eyes.
  10. Mazda of Canada, The Toronto Mazda3 Club and TorontoMazda.ca will not warranty any products or services offered by any of our Affiliates. Statements to the contrary will not be permitted.
  11. Violations of any of the Rules and Code of Ethics will be reviewed by the Moderators. If an offense is deemed serious enough an opportunity for an explanation will be provided to the Affiliate. If violations persist the Affiliates advertising privileges will be terminated with an explanation.