As most of you know, with an aftermarket hid foglight kit, it is a plug and play application...but what i didn't like about it, was those pesky spade connectors just simply plugging into the female h11 socket on the car's wiring harness....
heres a how-to on how to properly weather seal this in my opinion, flaw.

tools needed

Wire Strippers
Wire Crimpers
2 H11 MALE pigtails (or whichever bulb you need)
Shrink Tube
8mm socket, and 1/4" ratchet

Undo the 8mm screws to remove the 2 small side pieces underneath the car to gain access to the foglights, should be 6 of them

Cut those horrendus spade connectors off, and strip the wire, do the same with your pigtail. Use a connector to join the 2 wires


repeat for otherside, and screw back on your spastic access panels for your foglights...
Degree os difficulty 1/10