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After a day, I was able to follow the instructions to take thing apart and put things back together.

4 additional notes:
1. When I pried the C-rings out, I put see through plastic wrap over the screw driver (I used metal olive pick). Ring didn't fly, but...

2. I lost a ring when I put everything back; I suggest before you do your job, go to Lowe's to buy (see pic link) Hillman E-clips Metric M4, you get 8-10 of these for 2 bucks; they fit.

3. This link has another set of photo on how to resolve the intermitten A/C light flickering - it's due to worn out plastic on the nob.

4. If you decide to change the A/C unit light bulb w/ LED, you will likely need to clip some of the plastic out as the LED mold isn't as precise as the OEM bulb. If you didn't clip and tried to "screw" it, you will likely ruin the base. I actually took the front Hvac plate out to make sure I turned the bulb correctly.

Thank you very much for those who do this write up.

Pic link:

Thanks for this. I had to buy some e-clips from the hardware store as you suggested, because I lost the original on the re-install (of course right..). I got the bloody thing back together, clips, wires and all. Never want to repeat this, LOL.