Here are the photos and footage from the day, Yet another great day when the Nator Nation comes out to play. Many thanks to Lou who missed football and the easy chair, well at least he had the beer in his hand! kmac turned a 503 on Saturday night clutch failure blows my brother, 6 puck is coming! LiEast Evan was the failwagon of the day with a valve train failure of proportions yet to be determined. We all hope a head will be all he needs and not a total rebuild. On a personal note to @rfinkle2, you da man! Rob has been working with me and the tune I ran was the 4th rev. The first pull I rolled on at 3k and the following runs were @ 2500 witch produced some great numers for my mods. I can see 300hp in my future with a Rx tune, thanks Rob. So at the end of the day Doubleflusher hit 516 Hp/ 431 Tq.