Just wanted to give a positive review to the service/parts department @ ErinMills Mazda.
(As well as an extended tid-bit of information at other establishments)

Thursday, July 5th
1. I recently had some issues with my power window motor, specifically the cabling(spool) system broke, which is part of the window regulator.
***I took the door apart to find the spool had chewed up my cabling.

Friday, July 6th
2. I took my car in to DirectMazda(As it's only a 2min drive from my house) the morning after. I told the service tech that I already know what the issue is; You will need to replace the cables for the power window.
***The service technician came back flustered, stating he didn't work on the systems very often and wasn't confident on what parts were missing/needed.
***DirectMazda sent me to SpeedyAutoGlass @ ErinMills auto mall, as they deal with window problems more often than Mazda does...

3. Got to SpeedyAutoGlass, the seasoned veteran was adamant that I needed to buy the regulator assembly from Mazda. I asked if they have aftermarket - he said "NO". I asked how much for labour - $120. (Not bad)

4. I went to Erin Mills Mazda(As it was in the same area), knowing it's quite far from where I live, but i figured i could just pick the part up, and have it installed at the same SpeedyAutoGlass that quoted me earlier.

5. I went back to the SpeedyAutoGlass and the gentlemen then stated he didn't have any appointments for the day, tomorrow, and wouldn't be able to take me until Monday. I basically got a cold shoulder, no eye contact, no help.

6. I decided to go to the SpeedyAutoGlass near my house @ Millcreek. They quoted me the same job, but said it would need to be at least 2-3 hours minimum, as the job could get "tricky". They wouldn't honor the quote from the other location...(Franchise?)

7. I called Ted @ Dixie/401 Auto mall, and booked an appointment for Monday morning(today). I showed up @ ErinMills Auto Centre, realizing only then that I booked the wrong dealership(DERP - My fault)

Monday, July 9th
8. When I arrived around 7:15am @ ErinMills Mazda, Andy(Service) noticed I was waiting and came right outside to greet me. He had the paper floor mat in hand, and a service technician (Thanh) standing by so I could explain my issue. I didn't even have an appointment!

9. I told him my predicament, explained what needed to be done, showed him the door was already disassembled, and was quoted ONE HOUR. 1.5 hours later, ALL DONE + CAR WASH.

I was confident to take out the door panel, but wasn't confident enough to install the regulator. I also didn't want to be held liable for the job in case i screwed things up.

Out of all the establishments that I dealt with for this one, simple enough issue... ErinMills Mazda was the only one that was readily willing and able to complete the job for a reasonable cost.
Maybe it was a complete coincidence that no service appointments were booked this morning, but this dealership really came through for me.

Thanks for reading!