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Thread: JBR Solid Shifter Bushings and Heavy Shift Knob

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    Thumbs up JBR Solid Shifter Bushings and Heavy Shift Knob

    Just thought I would do a quick write up for anyone considering the solid shifter bushing upgrade and heavy shift knobs since I was interested in how it would improve my shifts when I was looking to buy them. First things first... OMG the rubber bushings really do need to be replaced. I don't know if its me throwing the shifter around or what but whenever I went from 4th to 5th in my MS3 I could feel the play in the shifter boot. Saying that, it was no more then a 1/8th of an inch but it was still weird to feel when you think your shifter is bolted to the chassis. Changing the bushings was a bit of a struggle because they are stubborn to get out. You have to push the rubber bushings back through their holes which can be difficult to do in a small space but with a little elbow grease they do come out. Installing the new metal ones were pretty easy, even by yourself. I did drop one a couple of times but after a little finess they stayed put and I bolted the boot back down.

    Installing the shifter knob was easy to do but at the same time easy to screw up so read the instructions! I almost screwed up because I put the adapter on and didn't screw it down all the way to "Thread" the remaining component of the adapter on the shifter stick. You need to use a lot of force to do this but with a wrench its pretty easily done.

    The improvements to the shifts are incredible! The heavy shift knob makes it soooooo easy to through it into gear... I can't decribe how amazed I am with such a small mod. With the addition of the solid shifter bushings taking out the play in the boot... ZOMG! I am flying through my gears with effortless shifts and way smoother throws.

    I would recommend these to anyone with a manual transmission! I still have to install my Short shift plate and light counter weight so I'll do another write up on that when the time comes.

    Thanks to the guys at JBR and Fobio for ordering it all!

    JBR Solid Shifter Bushings
    JBR Spherical Heavy Shift Knob

    Still to install:
    Short Shift Plate JBR
    88A RMM JBR

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    Default Re: JBR Solid Shifter Bushings and Heavy Shift Knob

    I'm happy to see you're enjoying the car each and every shift now! =)

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    Default Re: JBR Solid Shifter Bushings and Heavy Shift Knob

    2010 MZ3 5MT here and now have 75A CP-e RMM along with the cylindrical JBR knob and freshly installed JBR bushings. I too was amazed at how much improvement came from the knob alone. All 3 of these items were installed separately with time in between so I got to really feel what each part added to the mix. The bushings came last, and I haven't felt the same major change that the knob itself brought, but the minor tightness and more precise shifts are most welcome. I am now able to shift much faster than with the stock 300 gram knob.

    These are fantastic upgrades that everyone here with a MT should have.

    Jamie at JBR is a great guy and responds quickly to all questions and emails. I ordered directly from him (JBR) and my package was shipped out the same day! 5 or 6 business days later it was at my door and arrived without border issues as he marked it as a gift.

    2010 Sport 2.0L 5MT

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