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Thread: SFG Automotive - Great Experiences

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    Default SFG Automotive - Great Experiences

    Just a quick little review about SFG Automotive.

    Originally referred to Kevin from nextmod and am so glad they sent me there!

    Only been a handful of times so far but always have a great experience.

    Kevin and the team always manage to make time to fit me in exactly when I'm available and installs are always as quick as they can be!

    From a full coilover install the day of Importfest to spending almost 8 hours tinkering with my camber to dial it in, and most recently a half-hour install of my new sway bar, it's amazing to watch Kevin work.

    Very knowledgeable, fun guy to talk to, and prices won't be beat!

    Definitely going back for all my future major installs, and I'd recommend SFG to everyone.

    Located about 12 minutes East of nextmod, very convenient location.

    Figured I'd make a thread seeing as I haven't seen a review of SFG before and thought it might help some people in deciding where to go for installs!

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    Default Re: SFG Automotive - Great Experiences

    i've been going to kevin ever since he worked at markham honda, then when he moved to select right car detailing, and now to sfg automotive.

    he's honestly a VERY good mechanic, and a very honest one at that too.

    here's a story:

    a couple of months ago i brought my car to markham mazda for an oil change (i received 2 free oil changes because i bought the car in september of 2012). they told me that the rear trailing arm on the passenger side was rubbing, so they needed to replace the bushing for me. i told them to give me a quote, which turned out to be almost $400 (parts and labor). i brought my car to kevin a couple of days later, he raised the car on the hoist, took a crowbar and pushed it over, and told me that it was fixed.

    he then proceeded to tell me that the dealerships are just trying to make money. he didn't charge me a dime.

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