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Thread: Mitchell3's take on BC Coilovers

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    Default Re: Mitchell3's take on BC Coilovers

    Been running BC coilovers for 25k kms and about 15 months now.
    The ride is a bit bumpy but no major issues yet. The only issues I have are:
    - On the front coils, the top nut under the adjusting knobs came loose. I could turn them by hand. A quick tightening with a wrench fixed that.
    - Sometimes the front springs bind especially when cold. You can hear the spring "pop" when turning at low speed. This is a common issue and common even for OEM suspensions.
    - Can't adjust the stiffness on my rear shocks - I couldn't fit the adjusting knobs onto the rear adjusters (they didn't come with adjusting knobs already and I took the fronts and tried them on the backs). It could be I'm a noob and don't know how.

    My settings are :
    - Front: ~10 clicks from soft up front. Lowered only 1" or so.
    - Back: Unknown stiffness. Height is at the top.

    Even with this crooked/raked setup, the coilovers are working great *knock on wood*. I need to get my rear shocks adjusted properly and I'll be happy.

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    Default Re: Mitchell3's take on BC Coilovers

    Lets face the facts, nothing in this day and age is built to last.. Especially when it comes to the automotive world.
    I feel you pain when it comes to car/parts issues but to say that a brand is crap when buying used isn't totally fair considering you can't possibly know what previous owners put the product through. I get that people have had issues with this set up but if you look at the ratio of people who own them, the majority of people are happy and would buy again (well at least I would as mine have been solid). I definitely don't think BC's are the best out there, I would however consider them one of the best in their price range and agree with Dave by not classing them as a low end set up.
    I don't mean to sound harsh or against you but you had a issue and you brought it to someone (a mechanic) that should of been able to pin point and fix your problem the first time around. It sounds like he/she didn't know exactly what was wrong and sent you on a wild goose chase, which happens all to often , buying parts that don't need replacing. So you can't blame BC for that.. It would really blow if there was nothing wrong with your coils and you had an issue with a oem part in your suspension, it really sucks that you did everything you should have by bringing it to the attention of a certified technician who IMO was to proud to simply tell you he/she doesn't know exactly what is wrong.
    I'm not 100% certain this is what happened, its just what I gathered from your write up. I'm also not saying that there is nothing wrong with your coils, its just possible that something else could have been missed or that a certain tech might have tried to get multiple jobs out of one.. I don't mean to stereotype but a lot of mechanics try this a lot.. at least with my experiences with them.
    Again, I hope you can get this resolved at a low cost and move on to happier days with your 3 (she's a beauty) and I wish you all the best!!
    2007 MS3 - Cobb AP - Cobb TI - Cobb intake - 3" catless DP - stage1 tune - Autotech hpfp - RX8 rims - weathertech mats -

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