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Thread: Boost/load targets on new 3port EBCS and turbo

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    Default Boost/load targets on new 3port EBCS and turbo

    Welp, the 'Hybrid' k04 I got back from Cherry Turbos is installed, car is now running and idling well and Cobb EBCS in 3port all seem to be working great. Slow as fack tho on super conservative tune. 14psi FTW.... I'm approaching about 50% of my original WGDC but still can't make boost/load targets.

    I'm making around 1.6 load in an RPM range i've set 2.01. Boost holds steady at 14.1, well below 19psi target....

    I was told a good general rule for 3port was to 1/2 WGDC, and for the larger compressor in this new k04 to reduce WGDC a bit as well. So I started around 1/4 of my original WGDC and worked up a bit last night and today, but approaching the 50% mark and wondering how safe it is to push harder.

    Shouldn't be any other tables I need to adjust for these two mods? (EBCS and larger compressor

    Might be time for me to pro tune. I'm loving learning from great people and reading and tweaking, but my head isn't good with the actual practice of tuning!
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