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Thread: Review - Riccardo Iron Maiden

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    Default Review - Riccardo Iron Maiden

    So I took up the eShine offer to review Riccardo Iron Maiden fallout remover. I was looking around for Iron-X when I cam across this product being advertised on here and decided to give it a try given the appealing price tag which is cheaper and gives you more product than Iron-X. I've never tried Iron-X or the Sonax product so I can't say if this is any better or worse than those.

    You can purchase Riccardo Iron Maiden this from eShine here:

    PROS/CONS of Riccardo Iron Maiden


    - Cost effective (more product for less $$$)
    - Works well and as advertised
    - cleans right off and doesn't leave behind any messy residue or stains


    - strong smell when initially sprayed (goes away after it is washed off)
    - may possibly irritate nose/skin

    Would I recommend this Product?

    Most Definitely! You can't beat the value you are getting compared to other similar products

    My Rating: 4.5/5


    Full Decontamination Detail + Polish and Wax

    Products Used:

    1. Wash: Armor-All Ultra Shine Wash/Wax
    2. Decontamination: Riccardo Iron Maiden
    3. Clay Bar: Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System (bar + spray detailer)
    4. Polish: Shining Monkey Clean and Repair Polish
    5. Wax: Shining Monkey Seal and Protect Wax
    6. Rim/Tire cleaning: Black Magic Ultimate Wheel Cleaner + Turtle Wax Tire Shine (not effective)

    Equipment Used:

    1. Simoniz 1600 PSI pressure washer (basic model, higher PSI will achieve better cleaning results)
    2. Simoniz 7" Right-Angled Polisher/Sander + polishing bonnet
    3. 2 Buckets for soap and dirty water
    4. wool wash mitt
    5. 2 x microfibre towels
    6. 2 x applicator pads
    7. PowerBall cordless drill attachment (for rims)

    Time Required: 1.5 hours (or less) for wash+decontamination and approx 3 hours total for everything including the polish and wax

    STEP 1: WASH

    Use the pressure washer to soak up the entire car and remove any surface dirt and grime. After a thorough washing, pour some soap into one of the buckets and use the pressure washer (turned off) to fill up the bucket with water and generate a nice lather. Use the wool wash mitt or a suitable alternative to thoroughly spread the soap all over the car, working panel by panel and squeezing out the dirty water into the empty bucket as you go (the two bucket method). Once the entire car is soaped up, use the pressure washer to hose off the soap and dirt.


    Spray the Riccardo Iron Maiden evenly across all the paint surfaces, making sure to cover any areas that may have some rust formation or noticeable stuck-on particles as well as the rest of the car. S
    pray the whole car (I sprayed around avoiding the windows) including your rims and let it sit for 5 minutes. As with other iron removing products, you will notice that the colour will change to purple when the product comes into contact with iron particles. You will also notice white haze spots that won't rub off easy once the product dries.

    Optional: If you have the time and the tools, it would be a good idea to also spray your rims when they are off the car as this will allow you to get at every nook and crevice for a thorough cleaning

    some trouble spots:

    Wait until the trouble areas have turned purple and then spray off the product using the pressure washer


    Use the detailing spray included in the kit as lubricant to allow the clay bar to move smoothly across the surface. Don't spray too much as it will affect how well the clay bar can grab particles still on the paint (there needs to be some friction ). Work panel-by-panel making sure to re-shape the clay as needed, especially when a side has collected lots of dirt. Clean off the excess detailing liquid with a clean microfiber cloth. After using the Riccardo Iron Maiden, I noticed that there was considerably less particles being picked up by the clay compared to past experiences of only using clay after washing so the product is working as it should


    ** NOTE: Steps 4-6 are optional and not part of the wash + decontamination process but I would recommend doing them as well if you have the time as this will give the best end results since the paint won't get enough time to get re-exposed to any contaminants prior to polishing and waxing. **

    STEP 4: Polish

    The Polishing step works best using a dedicated mechanical polishing tool (preference would be a right-angled version as this is easier to work with but an orbital polisher is still usable). In the past I have used the Meguiar's Dual Action polish/wax tool attachment which connects to any handheld drill and this actually works quite well if you have a powerful corded drill or a cordless drill with extra batteries. Any of these solutions will do the job well compared to old fashioned elbow grease (your hand) as they well evenly and quickly spread the polish around which means much less swirl marks in the end. If you don't have a mechanical tool to help you then you will need to use an applicator pad to apply the polish. Anyway, as always work panel-by-panel until the entire car is complete, avoiding the glass of course. Once done, you can let it sit for about 15 minutes and then do a sweep of the car with an applicator pad to get rid of any remaining swirl marks. Alternatively, you can just go ahead and start the next step, waxing.

    STEP 5: Waxing

    As already stated in Step 4 above, this step works best using a dedicated mechanical polishing tool. You will basically be repeating Step 4 above but applying the wax instead of the polish

    STEP 6: Rim and Tire Cleaning

    Spray the Black Magic Ultimate Wheel Cleaner (or other) on the rim making sure that the entire rim is covered. Repeat the process for all 4 rims and let the solution soak for 5 minutes. Spray some of it onto the powerball cordless drill attachment and use a cordless drill to thoroughly scrub each rim, making sure to get into every crevice. Repeat the process for all 4 rims and then use the pressure washer to clean off the rims.

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