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Thread: 2010 Mazda 3 sport rear bumper removal

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    Default 2010 Mazda 3 sport rear bumper removal

    This thread was done since I was working on replacing the rear reflectors (add LED on the reflector housing). So before having the LED installed, I had to remove the bumper. It was not difficult at all, except one screw that was rusted and I had to brake it. Here is how it goes:
    total of screws , nuts and clips to be removed are around 20, different sizes
    tools: sockets, knife and screwdrivers.

    bumper view and screws / nuts / clips location


    What I'm describing here is for one side (left) , you have to do the same for the other side.

    First, remove the rear tail light, each one is secured by three nuts #8, and one clip(no need to be removed), removed from inside of the trunk behind the cover/door.

    After you remove the nuts, pull firmly towards the back of the car to get it off from the clip in the corner of the light housing.

    Now you should see one bolt and one clip. Take the bolt off and leave the clip for last after you remove all other screws, this way the bumper wont fall off on your driveway and scratch. Also behind a round cover is one more bolt, take it off.

    Now go behind the rear wheel and check for one bolt and one plastic clip that hold the cover

    After you remove those, pull the cover to separate from the bumper, you will expose two more screws you need to remove

    After you have removed those, at the very bottom of the bumper is one screw with a square nut that holds the bumper with the cover together, if is rusted like mine was, you may need to cut it off or something

    Now go under the car and remove the last two bolts .

    Now pull the side of the bumper to separate it from the fender bracket.
    Now you can take the plastic clip off from the first step and you bumper should come off.
    Be careful for the plate light wires if they are still attached to the bumper.

    Happy ?

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