Just visited Avante Mazda for my first scheduled maintenance. It was short, run-of-the-mill service, oil and filter, tire pressure check. Nothing special.

What clinched it for me was that Vincent went out of his way to ask if I would be willing to wait for them to wash the car. I liked that. It's a small thing, but he could of done one of two other things: Either just not wash the car, since I didn't ask for it, or make me wait the extra 20 mins for the wash, again, without asking. It's such a minor thing, and yeah, maybe it's not worth mentioning, but as an owner, I like to know what's happening to my car.

Also the guys at the parts desk were pretty nice. They let me purchase a cargo liner and leave it behind the counter until my car was finished. (Didn't ask for a discount, being a TM3 forum user, but whatevs.