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Thread: 401 Dixie Mazda

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    I just purchased my Pearl White 2016 Mazda 3 GS w/ Sunroof package 1 week ago. I dealt with Hammad who was honestly a very helpful rep. He guided me through the whole process as i just graduated and don't have any experience buying cars. He was able to help me work out a deal that i thought was very reasonable. Everything just went downhill from there however. While finalizing the financing with the financing manager, we got through all the paperwork after which the dealership realized they don't have a VIN as the car was out of stock and not on the lot. We came in 2 days later after they located a car and finalized the financing. I was told delivery would be on friday but as Thursday came, they pushed the delivery as they said they haven't received the car yet. Okay fine so they told me to wait until monday. I then receive a call on saturday saying that they have to push it until wednesday as they still haven't got the car. So here i am still waiting for the car when i should have had it last week. Not sure if it's the dealers fault or not but not happy with my experience so far... i just wanna get the car and drive the damn thing

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    if they didnt have it you had two options. go to the dealer that has it to get it. or wait for them to. sadly they should have told you longer, it can take time depending where it is coming from. but it will be well worth it once you get it. so dont worry, its not the sales guys fault im sure hes doing everything he can. @Patel93
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    Generally if a unit is not in stock it could be anywhere from a few weeks to 4-6 weeks depending on where it is sourced. I can tell you that the location process is not an exact science as we do not have control over the shipping portion. Mazda has a system that gives us an idea on the ETA to help us give our clients and general timeline. If a vehicle is a dealer trade we need manpower to obtain the vehicle.

    Regardless of how the vehicle arrives we only schedule deliveries when the car arrives on the lot. That is our policy.

    Is the dealer doing something wrong? No. Not really. But they could provide you a better experience by being on the ball and communicating this properly to set attainable expectations.

    Congratulations on your new vehicle. Waiting is the hardest part. It will be well worth it. I promise.

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