I just joined today (recommended by a current member). I'm driving a 2005 Mazda3 GLS and I just bought my Wife a 2017 Mazda3 GS (Deep Crystal Blue Mica). Of course I had to buy the new one for her so I could get mine back (she was making me drive her crappy Hyundai XG350).

It's nice to be back in my Mazda.

So far all I have done to the 2017 is messed with the infotainment system to make it a bit more personal. It's a nice car to drive but it's too new (and she is always in the car when I am driving it) for me to really give it a "test drive". So far I do know that I don't like the fact that it has an electronic parking brake. Where's the fun in that?

Of course now I am spoiled with the iPod connection ability in the new car and my stock stereo in my 2005 is not good enough (but I can't buy a new unit). I need to find a unit with the Media button so I can do the Aux modification and that will be good enough (I have the Tape/MD button model stereo).