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Thread: Rusted part replacement

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    Lightbulb Rusted part replacement

    Hello, I drive a 2006 Mazda 3 GT which had no rust up until last week. Now there is rust appearing on the trunk near all three break lights. I was wondering if there is someone who makes fiberglass or plastic trunks in GTA. I want to get rid of the rust game all at once because I love this car and I am planning on keeping it for atleast another 4-5 years. Also while I am it, I would like to change the hood to a fiberglass hood as well.
    Please advice if you have any connections. Huge thanks!

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    Default Re: Rusted part replacement

    I don't know if you'll find an FG trunk made locally. I feel like some CF wrapped (so FG core) ones popped up around here a few years back though.

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