The main reason for this thread is because I'm asking if anyone knows how to remove the fake cf trim features in the car and if it's hard or easy to do ( door panel switches, steering wheel, above tachometer) next time I drive by Mazda they should be able to give me a drawing on this. I have a career at an aerospace and high end equipment composite shop so I have the access and ability to easily convert these, try different fabrics but also give a high gloss finish. Surprisingly all of the fake features fiber orientations are correct so they would have the OEM look which I like.
--> remove panels and prep, create a splash mould off the existing part, lay up, vaccum bag/infuse with resin, and paint finish all within 2days.
Best of all it's free and if I can pull it off I'd be willing to make more and sell for cheap. Most people who don't know anything about carbon fiber probably don't care for this kind of thing lol but for people who do, plus being in the industry I'm obligated to make this look 100times better as a daily driver and car enthusiast. I've already implemented a CF left foot rest where you always get that salt/dirt damage