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    I just picked up my 2012 Speed3 less than a month ago and have been enjoying it thoroughly up until recently when where I live got completely owned by snow (Oromocto, NB - CFB Gagetown). This is my 2nd Mazdaspeed Vehicle (2007 Mazdaspeed 6) and 11th Mazda Vehicle (all of them RX7s). By no means am I a Mazda fanboy as I've got a very extensive list of cars I've owned from all different genres/classes. My Audi A8L Sport-Executive by far being the best car to live with daily and FD RX7/E46 M3 as best toy/track car. A car enthusiast in general =).I'm hoping to make use of the classifieds as ordering from the US is just a financial nightmare lol. I come back to Ontario every now and then and hoping to get back into track days if not just club meets etc would suffice. I don't own a lifted truck or jeep like everyone else out here does so the "community"is slim pickings.

    Anyway, onto the car!

    2012 Mazdaspeed 3
    -Corksport Downpipe
    -Corksport Exhaust
    -Corksport Intake
    -HKS SSQV with recirculation
    -STD R3 Coilovers
    -Rays Engineering MS-T II wheels
    -Stoptech SS front/rear brake lines
    -Powerstop Z23 Carbon Ceramic pads front/rear
    -Powerstop Evolution crossdrilled/slotted rotors

    Next on the mod list:
    -COBB Accessport
    -Autotech HPFP
    -Corksport TMIC
    -Whiteline or Racing Beat front/rear sway bars
    -Corksport hood scoop
    -Front lip
    -Rear Lip
    -Rear wing extension
    -GV front grill
    -"Hulk" eyelids

    I know some of you are going to roll your eyes and say I'm doing shit backwards, admittedly I am but I jumped on the parts because of good deals and haven't the funds for the AP or HPFP yet... I haven't driven it very hard for this reason either. Between my cars, guns, and 2 kids... money has to be rationed out lol.

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    Default Re: New to the forum

    Car looks good. Maybe we can get you to a meet when you are back in Ontario.

    Mod list looks great..except with your current mods, and no HPFP or AP, you are at major risk of blowing your engine.
    You need the HPFP right away.
    2010 Black Mazdaspeed 3 - Lightly modded

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    Default Re: New to the forum

    Welcome.. Are you the same DaonHaThai on JDMR?

    Instagram : optiklenz13 / focalpointconcepts

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