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    Default Searching for cosmos77

    New to this site. Just started removing the engine on my buddies 2006 Mazda 3, 2.3L 5 door.
    He has cancer, asked me to put another engine in his car, after his knucklehead son ran it dry, toasting the engine.
    I picked up a 2.3L , 24k miles, out of Florida. It's getting delivered tomorrow. I live in New Jersey.
    I haven't pulled and replaced an engine for many moons. Never did one of these. V8's were my specialty.
    I've gone over every video,post, thread, etc for about a month to prepare myself.
    Started today, got quite a bit done, only worked about 5 hours. Lots of rusty bolts, sheering off..oh well.
    Anyway, it's a manual trans. The hood is off, I have a hoist to take it out the top. What part of his tranny do I unbolt?
    What do I unbolt underneath as far as the drive assembly.
    I'm a recently retired New Jersey State Trooper. My buddy was a Local Cop until recently, when the cancer kicked up.
    Any input, pic's would be greatly appreciated. My email is
    Many thanks..

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    Default Re: Searching for cosmos77

    I don't have any pictures but can I ask what part of the drive assembly are you asking about? Should just be able to take the axle nut off and smash the axle out and disconnect it from the driveshaft. After that there should only be a couple bolts attached to the assembly to rip out.

    As far as the transmission do you mean removing it from the block or removing it from the car with the rest of the engine? Should only be the mount and some looms and the shifter assembly as far as I know.

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