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Thread: Suspension Sloppy

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    Default Suspension Sloppy

    The car has been handling like it's got worn lower control arms again. Tendency to fall off line when going over minor bumps. Exaggerated turn angles during on and off ramps.

    Although my last alignment was done last year, I'm due for another. But for those that think it's solely an alignment issue, it's far too fubar'd to be just that.

    So what was replaced?
    Coilovers still dampening beautifully and was installed late 2015.
    Moog front lower control arms with new ball joints installed early 2016.
    Rear swaybars replaced 2017.

    It feels almost as though it's the front control arms again like some of you have experienced when it came to Moog LCA. I'm hoping it's not, I do not want to spend more money on the same parts when they should have last much longer than the 1 year.

    Any other guesses?
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    Default Re: Suspension Sloppy

    Sloppy control arms should be giving you a clunk over low speed bumps (balljoints tend to go quickly on lowered cars). That being said, if they are fubar'd, they should still be in warranty. A lot of the aftermarket parts companies have lifetime. I put a set of LCA from another aftermarket supplier and I only got 60,000kms out of them (lowered, too). Go in for your alignment first, then make the next step. Also, you could have worn out bushings in the rear links that are pulling the car around. You could also try disconnecting your tie rods and checking for wheel bearing slop.

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