I know that there are some people who will disagree with what I will say , but this is the reality , in my case at least. I had the eonon d1563z for two years or so , and I thought that sound wise stock unit is par with it or better . Until today when I decided to put back the stock to confirm that. Wrong . Compared with the eonon , stock is not even close , and I don't understand why . The way I was checking was to use speaker level from the stock to my amp ( audison srx2s) vs eonon RCA to the same amp which is in mono state for my 1260w subwoofer . The output on the sub was at least 2x better on RCA vs spekers level .
I decided to have back the stock after I started to despise the radio signal on eonon , which is not that good as stock that is for sure .
Anyway , this is what I discovered today , but probably many of you already knew , but I just wanted to share .