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Thread: Kieswetter Mazda Kitchener/Waterloo

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    Default Kieswetter Mazda Kitchener/Waterloo

    I have been here originally for a 2009 Mazda 3 Sedan that was awesome and had no issues besides normal wear and tear.
    Just recently got a newwer Mazda 3 and love it!

    Good experience, some of the sales people are hard to read or even talk to. The Service guys and girls are actually in my opinion better personality wise.

    Granted Kim and Mark from sales are very good car enthusiasts and both had Mazdas BEFORE joining Kieswetter years ago. I would recommend them for questions in a heartbeat!

    Newer dealership, got renovated about a year ago, clean facility and great display of customization and different trim levels in the showroom.

    Used inventory isn't bad, not too much to choose from usually, but the occasional rare piece.

    Mazdas are always FUN to drive and won't kill your budget. I recommend going here over the Waterloo Dealership anyday!

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    Default Re: Kieswetter Mazda Kitchener/Waterloo

    I too have had an excellent purchasing experience there with our new CX-5. Craig was our salesman and seemed to really want to make a deal that would work for us.

    The dealership has also been working on getting me a rebate back from Mazda that I didn't know I would get until the day after we took delivery. The cheque for that one is supposed to be en route. Colour me impressed (and very thankful for the help).

    I too will be using them for servicing. I haven't had a bad experience yet however limited that experience has been. Last car only went there when needed and the new 3 is only at 20,000 kms. The only knock was when I was due for an oil change during tire change season they were booked up for 3 weeks - I had no idea how backed up they could get - that was on me though.

    Their parts / accessories and scheduling people are very responsive to website / email requests as well which is a huge plus for me.

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