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Thread: Are rental vehicles covered under warranty repairs?

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    Default Are rental vehicles covered under warranty repairs?

    Hey guys, I had my rear brakes serviced back in February, calipers, rotors and flex-lines all replaced, at a local Mazda dealership.

    Few months later, the Friday of the Victoria Day long weekend, I notice my brakes were very soft on my way to work and the brake light came on. I knew then something was probably wrong with my brakes, but I didn't think it was from the work that was in back in February.

    Since it was a brake problem, I couldn't drive back to the dealership but instead, I took it to another Mazda dealership in the city that I work at. They took my car in and told me that they'll try to fix it that day.

    I had to take a rental vehicle because I had planned to work half day so I can drive up north for a trip I had planned for that I couldn't cancel.

    As I was arrive at my destination up north (about a 4 hour drive), I get a call from the dealership indicating that the rear brake calipers were leaked and they could have it repaired by end of day. Since I won't be back until Sunday night and they're closed Monday, the earliest I can pick up my car was Tuesday morning. This also meant that I would need to keep my rental for 4 days.

    I picked up my car on Tuesday and on Wednesday went to speak with the dealership that I originally had the work done. They credited me back partially for the work done (some difference in labour hours, they originally charged me for 1 hour labor, but the other dealership charged 1.5 hours to put in the calipers and they could only refund 1 hour labour, blal blah, I said ok fine). They had to submit a claim to Mazda Canada about the rental and they're not sure if it will be covered or not.

    I think I'm fairly reasonable asking for the rental to be covered, I had plans that I couldn't miss and I didn't pick that weekend for my car to brake down, especially if the issue is due to work previously done by the dealership.

    TL;DR:Has anyone experienced similar warranty claims/issues and had their rental car covered? Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Are rental vehicles covered under warranty repairs?

    I may not be a huge help, but I believe per the rules somewhere rentals officially get covered for recalls that take a car off the road or if you have Mazda added protection.

    Rentals for other regular warranty repairs / issues may be at the dealer's discretion.

    In my opinion if the dealer is taking it upon themselves to cover a rental for you and the car was available for pickup within 1 day I would expect them to cover the rental time for 1 day and that you would be responsible for the other 3 days. It's a crappy situation but it was your fault you couldn't pick the car back up when it was ready, not theirs.

    I've only had a rental covered for a warranty repair once and it's because there was an issue found elsewhere in the car when it was in for another issue and it was going to take an extra 2-3 business days (with a weekend in the middle) to get the part and get that fixed. That secondary issue affected the car's driveability so the dealer chose to hold onto it and give me a rental so I could get to work the following Mon/Tues. Note: This was not Mazda, it was the other car we traded in to get another Mazda.

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    Default Re: Are rental vehicles covered under warranty repairs?

    If you have MAP, it is covered for sure. Just spent six weeks driving a Verano while the 6 was waiting for a brake caliper on back order.

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