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Thread: 2016 Mazda 3 Hesitation and/or Loss of Power

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    Question 2016 Mazda 3 Hesitation and/or Loss of Power

    Helping my buddy that recently bought a 2016 Mazda 3 from MOT and asked me for advice with some problems he's experiencing after a month of ownership. I've copied his email to me verbatim, hoping someone else maybe has had some similar experience or ideas.


    I really love my 3 GT Sport hatch automatic. It has 20,250 km and was running just fine until last weekend when I popped it into sport mode and gunned it off the line - pedal mashed to the kick down position (all the way). I've done this before, not often, but never had an issue. This time as I hit 4,500 rpm the engine and revs started sputtering and jerking the car, as it got to about 5,000 RPM the engine seemed to suddenly shut down and then go into limp mode where it wouldn't go above 2,000 RPM and no faster than about 35 km and it was very jerky and rough idle even while going 35km to get off the road. As soon as the car went into limp mode the dash was flashing warning lights like crazy - the engine light flashed yellow, the tire pressure light flashed yellow and the pre collision warning system lights were solid and the triangle with an exclamation mark light was also solid.

    Once I pulled off the road I shut down and waited a couple min and then restarted with no problems and no warning lights on dash - car drives perfectly normal. Problem is it keeps shutting down and going into limp mode with warning lights etc every time I accelerate hard (not even WOT pedal position). I can easily replicate it if need be by mashing the pedal and getting the revs up above 4,500 RPM. Its very dangerous as its now happened to me three times on the highway at speeds of over 120 km/h while trying to pass another vehicle. Complete loss of power - in the passing lane!! This happens both in regular drive mode and sport mode as well as in manual-shift mode.

    The car is under full warranty and its going in on Monday, but I was wondering if anybody has heard of or had this issue in the brand new 2017 3's? I'm guessing it could be a sensor issue or maybe a faulty ignition coil - but really I have no clue.


    Thanks for reading.
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    Default Re: 2016 Mazda 3 Hesitation and/or Loss of Power

    Sounds To me like a traction/trans sensor issue. If the systems can't see/control certain aspects of the car then the accident/collision warning will be disabled(usually a consequential fault) May also throw the car in limp Mode as a default.
    But that's an educated guess
    I've also had a car with overvoltage causing the dsc to act up which threw all kinds of transmission issues. (Bad voltage regulator in the alternator)
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