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Thread: 16" M001 wheel weights?

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    Default 16" M001 wheel weights?

    I have these wheels on my 2016 Mazda GT: M008 18" Black with Milled Trim Alloy Wheel. I weighed the wheels with tires and subtracting the spec'd weight for my tires in the given size the wheels are about 20 LBS. This worked out to be about a 6 LB savings per wheel over the stock 18" alloy wheels.

    I am looking at getting something like the 16" M001 for my winter tires. Does anybody know the weight of this wheel? I just want to be sure it is the same or lighter than the steel wheels.

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    Default Re: 16" M001 wheel weights?

    You may have better luck calling a few shops and asking them if they carry this wheel, as they have some some spec sheets/details on them. If not, I'm sure you could search online and find the info you're looking for, albeit a potentially long search.

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