Looking to sell my KW V1. Really going to miss the handling (espicially on those highway on ramps) , but it's time to put my car back to stock and say good bye. Family is getting bigger and a mazda 3 is a little small for us. I took it off in late 2017, hoping to keep it as a souvenir, but guess its taking up space. Installed for the first time in 2014. Its a little dirty, but I can clean it up for you. Looking for a quick sale of $500, bought in from nextmod for $1600. Jimmy from Street Performance took it off from me. Had it on my 2013 mazda 3, but I heard it fits the gen 1s if you have the right bolt (might want to confirm)

Never tracked, just got it to reduce the wheel gap. Comes with the tools to adjust the height. This one DONT have the damping settings, but it's not bone shaking at all.

With the coil overs, its about two finger width gap in the front, and 1.5 finger width in the back. (at its highest setting)

Thanks for looking, looking for $500 (negotiable). I am located on the west side of Toronto (mississauga, and Milton, but I travel to Toronto over the weekend in the North York area)