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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to share my experience with Ajax Mazda. Just picked up a Mazda CX-5 GT and dealt with Leon. He was pretty good to deal with and threw in a lot of extras to make the deal work, such as winters and upgrading to Android Auto. They had the usual speech about them losing money on this sale (which was annoying), but I feel like a got a pretty good price. They also threw in a few oil changes. They had the car ready within 4 days.

    One other thing that annoyed me was they tried to add $500 to the list price (which I caught). Seems a little shady.

    Overall, good experience.

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    Default Re: Ajax Mazda

    if you bought it for list price, they didn't lose any money from the deal
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    Everyone loves a great deal. Getting items like snow tires, AA and free oil changes means someone has to pay for it and the dealership will find some way to pass that back along to the consumer.

    Not saying adding $500 to the invoice is cool. You always have to check all the numbers and question additional fees.

    You have to know both the invoice and list price to know if you got a good deal or not and understand all the extras has to be paid for otherwise someone loses in the end.

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