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Thread: Carplay / Android Retrofit - USB2 Port Problems

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    Default Carplay / Android Retrofit - USB2 Port Problems

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had issues with their Carplay retrofits, specifically the USB Port 2. I had mine installed in my 2018 Mazda3 back in February, after which I shortly noticed that the USB Port 2 ceased to recognize either my phone or my USB sticks containing my music tracks. On my menu screen USB2 remained grayed out and it wouldn't charge my phone or play my music on it.

    Needless to say, I took it back to my dealership and to their credit they replaced it because they found that the unit was defective. When I left the lot that day, the second port was working fine playing music from my thumb drive. But now it's not working again and I have no idea why, as I fight to get my dealership to take my issue seriously.

    So far, the extent of their testing has involved just plugging their phones into it and saying it charged their phones alright and therefore, no issues here. But if they didn't jump to conclusions and were patient, they would see that it gives the appearance that it's charging their phone with charging indicator showing,but it's not as it flickers between charging off and on, while the battery drains. Also, when I plug in my thumb drive the light flicks for a moment and the nothing.

    For $500, everything should be working up to specs.


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    Default Re: Carplay / Android Retrofit - USB2 Port Problems

    Sounds like the issue might be the cable running from the back of the deck to those ports. Either loose or defective.

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