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Thread: Scratched rim - by shop? advice plz

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    Default Scratched rim - by shop? advice plz

    Hey all,
    I got new tires installed by a reputable dealer.
    Got the tires on last Saturday and didnít drive my car until today for work.
    Today, while checking torque, I found a big scratch on one of the rims. It seems TOO big for it to be a rock chip or something. I think possibly the shop damaged them?
    I have pictures before the rims got the tires changed and I did check the rims before I left, but mostly only for curb rash type damage (had curb rash damage from other shops before). It was rainy, maybe I just missed it due to light conditions. I don't think I would have missed this though?
    This is what I found on the right rear rim.

    Do I have anything to complain about?
    Is it my word vs their word (since its been 2 days) and Iím out of luck and tire shop will just tell me to piss off? Or will shop do something?
    I know its kind of ďminorĒ but these rims were perfect condition, not a scratch or rash, when I brought them in.
    Am I just unlucky today? I donít think I would have missed something like this before leaving. But I also doubt anything on the road could have caused a scratch this big.
    I know I could get it refinished, but I think the hyper silver OEM will be very difficult to do for a reasonable price or might not even be possible to get back to OEM.
    Also Iím really annoyed cause I just put them on, drove home, parked in the drive way until work for Monday.
    Any advice?
    2010 Mazda 3 Sport - Celestial Blue

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    Default Re: Scratched rim - by shop? advice plz

    Bring it to the attention of the shop and see where it goes from there.

    As much as it is an issue for you, sadly it is not for those doing the work. If the shop will not action, try using some rubbing compound to address the marks and help reduce the eye sore.

    Not worth it to repair if they are hyper silver given the cost unless you have the funds and the scratches bother you that much.

    Luckily, the wheels get dirty fast and should not be readily noticeable unless you're close up and looking for it.

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