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Thread: Another possible DRL bypass for HIDs

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    Default Re: Another possible DRL bypass for HIDs

    Quote Originally Posted by -RJ3- View Post
    Thats nice to know... We already know about that, now flame elsewhere if you aren't helping with the bypass or I'll blind you with my HIDs!!!! SARC
    Very funny. Assuming you replaced your stock halogen projectors that blind people with proper HID projecter, designed for arc-discharge bulbs that control the light? Well you could tap into any other light source that comes on when the headlight switch is in the on possition. Signal bulb, tail light, dome light it doesn't matter. To stay legal, why don't you switch the fog lights with the head light if you have them, that way when you lower your handbrake you're DRLs still work and you solve your problem with the low voltage/flickering issue.

    So you guys that don't run DRL, are you american now?.....don't forget not to signal your lane changes from now on.

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