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Thread: Gen3 Chrome Clean Up - Best Options?

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    Question Gen3 Chrome Clean Up - Best Options?

    Hey all,

    Since the day I got my 2018 3 Hatch I've hated all the chrome pieces. So far on my 'to be fixed' list is the front chrome smiley thing, the chrome around the fog lights, the lower window trim, as well as the badges on the rear (Mazda + M).

    I know you can buy OEM rear window trim which is what I think I'll do to tackle that one to keep it as clean as possible.But curious if anyone else has found ways to address the chrome issue and what methods they found worked best?
    Plastidip, vinyl, paint, replace with aftermarket (if so, do you know any good sources)?

    I never understood why people put so much money into their cars...and then I finally bought one.

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    Default Re: Gen3 Chrome Clean Up - Best Options?

    Window trim I replaced with the black OEM version because it was easy to do for me and ultimately looked the best IMO. I also got gloss black window pillar covers from eBay or Aliexpress, can't remember which, to cover up the dull worn out looking OEM ones. Not chrome but I'd recommend changing them, they were pretty cheap. The fog cover trim pieces I painted black but they started to chip over time and looked awful. I replaced the fog covers with all black aftermarket ones from eBay. The grille trim I got vinyl wrapped by Wrap ID in Markham about 4 years ago and it still looks good and has held up extremely well. I highly recommend Wrap ID, they do great work. Once businesses open back up I'll go back to them to get my roof wrap replaced.
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