Hi, It's been a while since I posted to the Forum but I'm looking for advice as the subject line.
My 2011 Mazda 3 has a DSE Direkt Start remote installed. AFAIK, it didn't come with factory remote fob - at least when I got it in 2014 from MyCar it only came with one Direkt Start 2 way FM fob and 2 separate keys. It has only manual door locks (no electronic locks). When I got it the remote start and the alarm all worked. Anyhow, story short, I have lost the remote fob and haven't been able to find a replacement in good condition.
The car was recently broken into and robbed - no alarm so no beeping and flashing lights. Doh!
So, what could I do to get back functionality of the alarm and remote start?
Do you know of a replacement compatible fob?
There is likely a bypass module and all the wires already there, can I buy a ProStart remote from Crappy Tire and tie into this system? How easy is that conversion?
Any advice appreciated.