Bought my 3 here new in 2015. Interestingly, they are the oldest dealership in Canada - at least so they say. Not very big, but overall I was very happy. Their sales people are not pushy in any way. I'm not exactly a typical customer as I know what I want before I get there and insist on doing my own maintenance. No hassle there. No irritating attempts at upselling. Extended warranty was offered, I declined. It was never spoken of again. Price was good compared to others. Only thing that went wrong in sale was I requested no dealer markings, plates, etc. My attitude is if you want to advertise on my car you'd better be paying me for that. It came with the plate frames. Their manager apologized for the error and removed them himself. Can't argue with that one.

Their service department isn't terrible, but has some issues. With doing my own maintenance, the warranty documents clearly state that this does not void it so long as it is done correctly and documented. It even tells you how to document it. Had one service rep try to tell me I didn't have a warranty because I do my own work. I asked him to read the warranty and he didn't really want to talk to me after issues after that chat.

Other issue was getting the recall for the new boots on the parking brak cable. Recall states that if there is caliper corrosion, they are to be replaced. Mine got replaced. Seems these guys can't handle bleeding a pair of calipers....had to do it on my own. At that point I tend to lose faith in the shop and take the job in my own hands.

So their sales are quite good. A friend of mine had a similar experience. The shop needs to pay attention a little more. I have had a couple other experiences with their shop that were quite positive. I think it's another case of trying to rush the job.