This shop is located in Peterborough and does collision repairs. It was the shop my insurance company recommend. This place is NOT good.

Back story: was driving home at about 5am (I work shift) and hit some animal on the highway. Still don't know what, maybe the size of a fox. Was too dark and only saw a shadow and reflection of its eyes when it was too late. Ruined my lower bumper, plastic trays under the engine bay, punctured the rad and AC condenser. This put me off the road as my coolant was on the highway behind me. No I didn't go back to investigate because of the coolant loss and I was feeling very sick - left work early. Damage is done, I can't undo hitting that animal.

Anyhow, the shop. They are way overbooked. Took 3 weeks to get my car fixed and the delay was not for parts. As a result, their techs are very overworked and going far too fast to pay attention to detail. The paint was fine and the AC seems to work. I asked them to put the dealer FL-22 coolant in it. As we all know, that stuff only comes premixed. These idiots figured it needed to be mixed again. As a result the coolant had a freezing point of -12C. Thankfully I caught it before the winter hit. The other issue was when they installed the plastic trays under the car, they rammed the little bolts in with an air gun pulling the heads right through the plastic so there wasn't really anything holding it on except the plastic anchors.

I understand mistakes happen. It was the response that I found troubling. I spoke with their manager and he didn't really care. He figured since I found it, it doesn't matter and everything is ok. Does not recognize that this was a problem.

When I get repairs done, I expect it to be done right. If a wheel isn't torqued right or brakes in done properly, that puts my life at risk. This is no different. If the coolant had frozen it could have cracked my block or head. New engine time. Apparently that isn't a problem to this shop. In the end, I had them buy me new coolant and plastic trays and did the work myself. Obviously they are not capable of doing the job right.