Regarding my 2016 Mazda 3.

About a week ago I finally swapped my winter wheels out. I drove around a bit, went home and drove the car again later that evening.

Than I started to notice some creaking noise while slow speed, light braking coming to a stop. It doesn't seem to make this noise when I first start to drive the car in the morning and I would need to drive a bit. Once it makes the noise, it is always making during slow speed, light braking.
I also noticed that it did not make any noise during one of the rainy day.

Here is a video/audio recording of it (you may need to crank the volume a bit).

I took the car Mazda of Toronto because I was almost due for oil change, had them check it out. Technician* said braking system all looks good but notice some corrosion/rust on rotor and that could be the cause and asked myself to do some hard braking few times.
So same day, I did some hard braking from around 60km/h or so few times here and there. Not sure how many time I would need to do that to smooth out the rust/corrosion but I am still hearing the noise.

What do you think?

I should probably get it check out by a independent shop.

(Oh yeah, during my visit the dealership, I was adviced that there is a bulletin for my car to have touch screen? system replaced. I asked if it was a recall because i never got any letter and service person said, just a bulletin. Whatever that mean.
After the work was competed, I was pissed off at the work they performed on the display. Not sure how long it took before but I can't wait to receive my Mazda survey email.
Story for another time, until I get my creaking noise resolved.