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Thread: Cayuga lapping day gone wrong

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    Default Cayuga lapping day gone wrong for pics/videos

    I was not there. From what I can gather, Toronto Motorsports Park (owners of Cayuga) hosted their own lapping day. It went to shit as people were passing in the corners, improper passing (3 wide on the main straight), improper safety equipment (passenger in one of the cars had no helmet while the driver did). The result is multiple crashes, at least one car (vette) caught on fire & fights.

    Cayuga has come out to say in the future there will be zero tolerance as a response to this event.

    Was anyone there?

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    Default Re: Cayuga lapping day gone wrong

    Just had a look at the video / pics in the link ..
    Ya man ..bad etiquette ... passing in corners where you should not. WTF better etiquette on the 401 and DVP.
    Was this a open lapping or restricted lapping certain corners?
    Clearly not enforcing simple rules of both wear helmets or none wear helmets in the car.
    All open track days should be zero tolerance.
    Perhaps ...i'll wait another week before going......

    P.s ... im investing in fire extinguisher

    Short story:
    When i did a advanced drivers training at Mosport / CTMP.
    While driving out of the pits onto to the track there is a do not cross solid line / merging lane.
    Left front tire crosses over 2 inches over that line before it ends and i get black flagged. Back to the pits
    for a lecture. Simply... Driver on the track at speed expects you dont cross that line and then merges \.
    Funny how that stays ingrained.... to this day merging onto any highway i never cross that line ...
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