Hi everyone,

I own a 2014 Mazda 3 GS hatchback, completely stock for now but looking to upgrade the suspension as the rear right shock is leaking and you can here a clunking noise when driving. Car is approaching 100,000km so I thought about it and instead of
only replacing the rear shocks, I'm deciding to just replace all 4 components and invest in quality struts and shocks that'll compliment lowering springs in the future. Through research and recommendations, I'm set on getting:

Koni STR.T (Orange) full set
Koni Special Active (Red) full set

I combed through the forum and read some great things about the Koni Orange, however I can't find them online so I've emailed a few local aftermarket part shops (NextMod, Garage16, JRP) to see what the price will be to order through them. I did find Koni Special Active (Red) available on tirerack.com and all 4 will come to $739.87 USD shipped but there has been limited reference to them on this forum. Was wondering if anyone could share their opinions/experience with Koni Reds? I'm looking for something better quality + durability than OEM that'll be compatible w/ lowering springs but definitely not as stiff as Koni Yellow. This car is my daily driver and will never see the track.

This is the pic of the pricing on tirerack.com
shipping/cost breakdown

First time buying aftermarket parts so any advice/help would be appreciated. Do y'all think the price on tirerack is reasonable enough to pull the trigger? Trying to buy the cheaper option out of the two and i'm waiting to see what the shops quote me for the Koni STR.T set...