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Thread: LED bulbs : GTR Ultra 2, Morimoto 2stroke 3.0 & DRL

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    Default LED bulbs : GTR Ultra 2, Morimoto 2stroke 3.0 & DRL

    Like I , some of you have switched out the headlight halogen bulbs to LED or upgraded your HID. I have found that many , what i call inexpensive led are just not worth it and burn out way before the thousands of hours they state and dont project well. I've already burned thru a set or brake LED bulbs and I find the headlight bulbs are ok. What i am using is a korean made LED. They are a cool blue tint headlight but dont really project far and properly like a halogen. Same brand on the brake lights and they are brighter than oem bulbs with no delay, where the incandescent bulbs are not instant on. You do pay for what you get . Plus the DRL doesnt work with these some /if not all LED bulbs. They require an additional module/accessory/harness and do not work with all car models. Morimoto may have solved that. As for GTR Ultra , also an amazing led bulb , but there is no mention on their website if it works with DRL.

    Here is what i think is the best LED headlights , fog lights and brake & signal and HID for the money:

    MORIMOTO 2stroke 3.0 :

    GTR ULTRA 2 :;_Hatchback
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