I am always looking for and dont mind paying a bit more better protection and performance.
Miller Oils does that and are priced in the MOTUL 300V range .

Pricing for TM3 : (free shipping within GTA & surrounding towns, check with Jon)

MOTORSPORT OILs (they also have a regular non motorsport oil)
5L jugs 0w20, 0w30 - $105 - CFS NT+ Motorsport oils :https://ultraraymotorsports.com/product/cfs-0w30-nt/
(For TM3 special pricing Order product thru email below /// link is for information)

5L jugs 5w40, 10w50, 10w60 - $99 - CFS NT + :https://ultraraymotorsports.com/product/cfs-5w40-nt/

I am in the process of rebuilding my 5spd Manual and it will be running of their Gear Oil

Motorsport Gear Oil CRX 75w90 (w80 and GL4 & GL5 compatible) :https://ultraraymotorsports.com/prod...nsmission-oil/

1L $40 / 5L $200 (This pricing may drop ..Ill update once i know)
Millers CRX 75w90, Track Performance Product high heatapplication for track and street use, comes with top level friction modifiersand
Millers Nanodrive ceramic nanoparticle technology. The ultimate inprotection.

Also to consider is their Extra Cool additive . Drop your radiator temps 15C , especially concerning if your run a Speed3
you want to keep that Turbo engine heat down. Product , like the Mishimoto Chill additive also inhibits deposit formation and
corrosion protection so that radiator coolant flows better.

Miller Oils Triple ester synthetic oil is available at Ultraray Motorsport
Email Jon to order ----> jdunski@ultraray.com