Hi all,

I've got a 2018 GT with the stock 18s, and I'm planning to downsize them to 16 inch RPF1s (swapping out the wheels at 26.8lbs each without the tires, really sealed it for me - especially given how bad the stock Dunlops are, and how expensive 18 inch tires are, for a car that won't be used with much sporting intent)
The aim is to reduce unsprung weight, improve response (acceleration and steering), braking and fuel consumption (I know it'll probably look a bit dorky).
The RPF1s are my top choice because they're light and good quality (I have a set on my 2008 Fit Sport, 15x8 on a set of 205/50R15 ExtremeContact Sports, and while I've banged them into bad construction zone divots and bent the lip slightly, none have ever cracked or failed catastrophically), but I've also looked at Konig Lockouts, but haven't had much luck finding something that would be at least 10lbs lighter than the stockers, while also not costing much more than $1,000 a set.

Wondering if anyone has had experience with downsizing for summers (I know downsizing for winters is common, and that's mostly what the forum search provided - mine is now on 16s and winter tires), but I'd like to hear from anyone who downsized on summer tires.
I'm planning on putting on Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06s in 215/55R16 come summer on 16x7 RPF1s, and I'd like to know if anyone has done the same: how have the wheels and tires held up to daily use?