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Thread: Orange Virus Tuning ( OVT ) for Mazda' ecu's is back in 2022

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    Default Orange Virus Tuning ( OVT ) for Mazda' ecu's is back in 2022

    As some of you may know OrangeVirus was tuning Mazda 3 ecu's remotely with mazdaedit software.
    Rafael (mat's protégé) continued under OVT for a while while Mat Wilson continued to develop VF Tuner...
    Now he is back with his own version of mazdaedit called VF which he has been developing while tuning toyota ecu's

    As for what's coming: (taken from mazda 3 Revolution forum in usa)

    1) Support for MZR and Skyactiv (Gas, Diesel, and Turbo) engines are coming/being worked on.
    2) Unfortunately, no discussion on the Skyactiv-X, or the Hybrids yet.
    3) Maps/tables (aka the settings a tuner/customer edits/tunes) that will exceed what is available in MazdaEdit.
    4) Example for #3 is DPF off for Sky-D. Or I-stop off for Sky engines with the i-stop system. Better E85 support is also planned so that customers using that fuel will have less problems over the winter. And of course, more control over the engine of the car. As we made revolutionary strides in Toyota, we will now bring them to Mazda, where our roots all started from.
    5) We will offer tunes

    Me ---- > I am especially excited about num 3 ... I have always felt that NA engines under mazdedit were being able to be maximized.

    Continued from the forum :

    No rush! This is slated for next year, around 2nd half of the year. (Rafael) I am responsible for adding support for the ECUs of Toyota
    and Mazda (Mathew cracks the ECU and does the programming), so this will be a mountain of work. As always, your patience and understanding is legendary.

    Oh, also, just to add to my post earlier of what's coming:
    1) We already tested our tuning program to work on Android mobile devices. So, yes, no need to bring a laptop next time. But we do need to test on
    more mobile devices, on different brands (Samsung, etc)
    2) Bluetooth OBD2 device. So no more wires either.

    SO !! What do you guys think about all this !!

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