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  1. Re: Car making a weird noise at the front

    As a safe measure maybe get your cooling system checked out. Coolant, radiator, fans, make sure there are no leaks etc. If everything checks out then I'd just leave it. Prob nothing to worry about as...
  2. Re: What tires do you like for summer? Deals?

    I have been running General Tire Altimax RT43's for my summer set and love them! Quiet, excellent wet/dry traction and inexpensive. Really great bang for your buck
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    Re: Bloody hell it's been years!

    I'm not one of the old timers but we still around here for sure :headbang
  4. Re: Methanol cleaning of lights done (2010 with HID)

    Wow that looks great 👍🏽

    The ones on my 2014 are just starting to haze on the top edge so not really worth fixing...yet
  5. Re: Recommedations for a Mechanic in Scarborough (preferably scarborough south)

    Jimmy from Street Performance in Markham. I have read tons of great things from other users on TM3. From what I've read he can be quite busy at times so it's best to call ahead for appointments!
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    Re: 2007 speed 3 vvt solenoid seal

    Still working on it, I'll update if they're onboard ;)
  7. Re: Batter problem or is this normal? 2014 M3GT

    I have a 2014 and had battery replaced last Nov. My interior lights dim just a bit when starting up. Should be normal
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    Re: Good lowering options

    What year is your 3? I drive a 2014 and decided to go with Eibach Prokit springs (1" drop front and 1.25" rear) paired with new struts and shocks (in my case I got Koni Red but most people go with...
  9. Re: Batter problem or is this normal? 2014 M3GT

    Definitely look at replacing the battery soon. Our Mazda's don't like a low battery!! Get a good group 35 AGM battery :)
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    Re: 2007 speed 3 vvt solenoid seal

    That's exactly what I'm trying to get them on board with!!
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    Re: 2007 speed 3 vvt solenoid seal

    Yes, the company name is OEM Fleets Limited
    1214-A Kamato Road, Mississauga, ON

    I'm stopping by again this week and I'm going to ask the owner more questions about the Motul oils and if he can...
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    Re: 2007 speed 3 vvt solenoid seal

    For OEM parts I've been buying from OEM fleets in Mississauga for a while now and they've always been cheaper then the dealerships (even with the TM3 discount :O)

    Preparing for a big suspension...
  13. Re: Brake pads : OEM Pads vs Aftermarket performance

    Thinking of looking into the Akebono or StopTech 309s as my next set for my 2014 when they're due

    I am a bit hard on the brakes ;)
  14. Re: Suspension : Lowering springs with KONI vs Coilovers

    Awesome. After doing tons of reading I invested in Koni Red Special Active (FSDs) Dampers paired with Eibach Pro kit lowering springs for my 2014 Mazda 3 hatchback. Going to be installing them within...
  15. Re: Brake pads : OEM Pads vs Aftermarket performance

    Interesting video! Would upgrading to these aftermarket pads "chew up" the OEM Rotors more so than OEM pads? That's my only concern. Otherwise I'm sold on the extra stopping distance and added extra...
  16. Re: Synthetic Oil ~ the difference between Racing oil and Street oil

    Thanks for the posts G! While I don't intend on tracking my car It's very interesting to read up on the racing oils and the different level of protection they offer! Eager to read your next post on...
  17. Re: Mazda 3 BN & BM body kits (2013 -2018) from Lenz Design

    Even better for me :chuckle I was thinking of picking up a BraysonR spoiler for my gen3 but they're sold out and have been eyeing the one from RacingBees, just wasn't sure of the quality
  18. Re: Mazda 3 BN & BM body kits (2013 -2018) from Lenz Design

    G~Mini strikes my mind brotha

    bookmarked that site for now. Those kits are great!!
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  20. Re: is anyone running any rust coatings/protection or undercoatings for our cars?

    My first time going to Krown last month and I didn't know they wash the car after, I was watching from the viewing area and saw them using the same brush and wash mitts from the previous cars before...
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    Re: Weird Noise from steering wheel

    Can you post the video here so we can listen too? And if possible, get a third party mechanic to check out the noise too.
  22. Gen3 Mazda 3 KONI Special Active (Red) or STR.T (Orange)??

    Hi everyone,

    I own a 2014 Mazda 3 GS hatchback, completely stock for now but looking to upgrade the suspension as the rear right shock is leaking and you can here a clunking noise when driving....
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    Re: Infotainment Software Update

    If you're still covered under warranty the dealer should be able to do it free of charge. If not, usually if you do an oil change with them and ask, they can update your software for you. I have a...
  24. Thread: New here

    by Diflexster12

    Re: New here

    Welcome to the community! :headbang
  25. Re: 2014 Mazda 3 GS Sport WEIRD noise while Driving!! Please help

    Thanks again guys. Mechanics took it for a test drive and of course the car didn't want to reproduce that sound until we were at a roll slowing down at a traffic light. Took it back to the shop and...
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