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    Re: Car died while driving

    Thats unusual.
    I once had the 2012 shut off while driving on the highway.
    Restarted it and it was ok ... But do report back if the dealer figures it out.
    Suggest to have the ECU reflashed...
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    Re: Bloody hell it's been years!

    Im getting old
    The 3 is staying young
  3. AERODYNAMICS ... Front Splitter, Rear Diffuser, Canards, Wings, Grills

    If you are looking to add or change the look of the 3 , Front lip, rear spoiler , side skirts, rear bumper lip,
    front grill... locally RacingBees is a good place to start :...
  4. Re: Smart turn activated using Forscan. Dealer said they couldn't do it.

    Interesting !!
    Hmmmmm ...What is the chance that that software package is loaded on all models (mine a GX)
    and it can be toggled on plus many other GT features ?
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    Re: Repair Opinions Please

    I agree ... Get new Sparks Plugs .
    for injector i will usually do the Fuel system cleaner from LiquiMoly every year.
    Since last was injector service was 2015 ... running the Fuel system cleaner in...
  6. Re: Hi Guys! New poster, not new to the site, 2nd Mazda 3

    Nice !!
  7. Re: Methanol cleaning of lights done (2010 with HID)

    So pour in the meth and just let it evaporate
  8. Re: POWER to WEIGHT ratio ...... in some new cars Mazda 3 Turbo AWD & others

    Here is one that i should add to the list below . A friend just got the new 2021 Toyota Supra 3.0 (BMW engine)

    Toyota Supra 382 HP 3,397 lbs ........ .112

    As for power to weight ratio...
  9. Re: POWER to WEIGHT ratio ...... in some new cars Mazda 3 Turbo AWD & others

    Dang ... Im up 9 lbs now
  10. Re: Methanol cleaning of lights done (2010 with HID)

    I'll have to have really good look and see it the inside is also hazed .
    If i go ahead and methanol the inside of the lens , with all that work it takes to disassemble the headlights , maybe i...
  11. Re: Methanol cleaning of lights done (2010 with HID)

    Mine are starting to look warn out / road chips and hazed from the outside
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    Re: Upgrading Camshafts on MZR L engine (non DISI)

    In order to maximize (sound or HP) cams stage 1 or 2 or higher you do need to upgrade intake and exhaust and also get the ecu tuned.

    My cams came from Xerolimit and were their custom stage 1.5...
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    Re: Another newbee

    Yes ...move on
  14. View Post

    Based on the MZR-R in the LMP2 cars developed by Mazda and AER ( Advanced Engine Research)
    in the UK who have developed many engine for the LMP platform. (You can read about that here:...
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    Re: Parasitic drain-room fuse

    How old is your battery ?
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    Re: Parasitic drain-room fuse

    Ive had the same battery drain happening on our 2005 Mazda 3 .
    Sometimes it would drain overnite and it would go days.
    Always started with a boost ... in the end we changed the battery
    its all...
  17. Re: Synthetic Oil ~ the difference between Racing oil and Street oil

    follow up on Miller Oils

    Here is a great PDF link from Miller Oils that compares and explains viscosity and additives in oils
    and how there nano triple ester synthetics compare...How your...
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    Re: Rear end noise when going over bumps

    i had that when i upgraded my rear stabilizer ...loose rear endlinks. replaced with whiteline
  19. Re: TUNING Solutions with DIMSPORT and others ...

    I dug a little digger , looked at the dealers who sell and tune in the UK with this platform
    and found that with the New Genius (similar to a Cobb device) gains were 20HP-30HP
    on OEM / stock cars...
  20. TUNING Solutions with DIMSPORT and others ...

    In my quest to identify tuning options for MazdaEdit
    Cobb & Versa Tune if looking to up your turbo 2.3L .
    Drtuned , Dynotronics , OVT who can remote tune MazdaEdit (non turbo).
    There is one...
  21. Thread: New car

    by G ~ MINI

    Re: New car

    Nice !!!!
  22. SUPERCHARGING Your Mazda Atenza 2.0L/2.5L Skyactiv

    Right now the kit is only available and fits the Atenza / Mazda 6 and will add 93HP on the 2.5L .
    Here is a youtube of Dan who just received his supercharger :...
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    Re: Alarm going off for no reason?

    Ive had this happen with me.
    My solution was the FOBs . The Fob was setting off the alarm .
    When im not using car i take the cover off the fob like as if you were changing the battery. (i did...
  24. Re: Reporting Excessive Exhaust Noise Complaints

    Hey I used to be young but i wasnt that dumb. They are doing it cuz they can get away with it. There are many ways to go legally fast and show off your car but not on Residential streets.
    I have a...
  25. Re: Synthetic Oil ~ the difference between Racing oil and Street oil

    UPDATE on Miller Oils Pricing :

    As per Miller oil and testing this oil is comparable to Motul 300V but at a lesser price than the 300V.
    Miller oils have the full additive package that a...
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