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Thread: Reporting Excessive Exhaust Noise Complaints

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    Default Reporting Excessive Exhaust Noise Complaints

    So on top of the illegal doughnuts at Vic Park and Mcnicoll ALONG with throwing flames (Source: have been meets around my area where people are revving their RPMs and showing off their exhausts worse doing tire screeching in the local church and going past 40 in a resi zone while I am trying to enjoy a nice day in the park.

    Called local police they gave me a number for non emergencies... call the non emergency line and it says for noise dial 311...dial 311 and they say they can't do anything about it unless you took note of the plates and they won't sent the cop out immediately...what are we paying our taxes for?

    I am glad we have civil meets but what is the best way to complain about noise in your area? Toronto specifically.
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    Default Re: Reporting Excessive Exhaust Noise Complaints

    Film them in the act and send it to CP24. It's a bit "Karen" like but it will definitely get some attention to the media. Then maybe something will get done about it.

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    Default Re: Reporting Excessive Exhaust Noise Complaints

    Hey I used to be young but i wasnt that dumb. They are doing it cuz they can get away with it. There are many ways to go legally fast and show off your car but not on Residential streets.
    I have a speed problem in my neighborhood and right by a playground . 40 zone and they zooming by at 60. We got together and with a petition got our councilor to install speed bumps.

    For the your illegal doughnut , forget reporting the loud sounds. Call and report cars speeding in 40 zone near a park where there are children. They doing also doing doughnuts and you
    think they banged into parked cars. Film if you can post it to CP24 and to police twitter account. You can try that some guys in their car are giving away free doughnuts...

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